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Keep Your Data Safe

I’m not the first person to say it.  Not by thousands and thousands of sayings (many of which were from my father).  I will not be the last person to say it, because it seems no matter how many times you hear it, you just don’t seem to hear it.

Back up your work.  Always.  Get an external hard drive, burn it to a CD or DVD, use a floppy disk if you have to and you can still find them, but back it up.  It seems like those tiny packets of electrical information are indestructible, but only until they are destroyed.

I got a Trojan horse last week.  I’m still not exactly sure how it happened, I got a warning from my virus software, told it to quarantine the file, and then ran a scan.

It was too late.  It had already gotten through the filters, even though the software found it and claimed to have cleaned it.   The Trojan horse snuggled itself into the registry.  It made itself known when I tried to run a Google search and it didn’t work, the screen nothing but white with a blue frame.  I sound much calmer now talking about it than when I was staring at an infected machine, when a person might have described me as hysterical.

That person was my aforementioned father.  Who exponentially increased the world supply of “back up your work,” on that occasion, although it sounded a little more like “why haven’t you been backing up your work?”

“You can lecture me when I get there,” I said at 10 p.m., right before I jumped into my car to drive to the suburbs to see if he could a) salvage my computer or b) salvage my unbacked up work.  No to the computer, yes to the work. 

Did I mention that my dad is a genius who acts as my own personal IT?  Also, that he was very nice to be willing to deal with both me and my computer at a time significantly past 10 p.m. on a weeknight?

So luckily reincarnation is much more tangible when it comes to technology, and with a freshly cleaned hard drive, my computer is back in action.  There were a few data casualties, but the important stuff is intact, and for that I am grateful. 

But if I had been regularly backing up, I wouldn’t have lost a thing.  Let me pass my lesson on to you: back up your data.


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